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Mome Gorge

Contact Person: David Shezi | Cell Number: 083 693 7255

Mome Gorge is the site where Bhambatha battle took place in 1906. Nearly 500 warriors died in this location. Mome Gorge is close to the famous Nkandla Forest (the biggest forest in KZN). It is close to King Cetshwayos grave. It is advisable that you drive a 4 * 4 vehicle when you visit the site. The battle field is the main attraction. Mome Gorge is found near Nkandla Forest (The biggest forest in KZN) the place is known as the place where Zulu warriors were able to hide from the British during the 1906 war. This is the site where the Bhambatha battle took place in 1906 war. 500 Zulu Warriors died during that war. The Colonial thought Bhambatha was also one of those who died in that war; they cut Bhambatha's head.