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KWA-NKATHA (HANG PUN) - In the past years, during the time of our forefathers, there were no prisons; people who were found guilty were put into KwaNkatha which nowadays called hang pun. In those days people who were found guilty were the following i.e. witchcrafts and killers. Kwa-Nkatha is the deepest cliffs in Nkandla where by people who were found guilty were put into hang pun. According to our source (Mr MN Msomi) the person who was last seen using the place was Inkosi Zokufa. The name of the Mountain is called uDevu and the name of the Cliff is uShewula, the place is near UMdlelanga River. It’s impossible to find the remain bodies of all the people who died in Kwa-Nkatha. No one can survive u Shewula cliff. The only thing that is found there is the tree, that’s where they rest when they go to Kwa-Nkatha (Babethi usulibona okokugcina) when you pass that tree.