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Qhudeni and Nkonisa Forest

Qhudeni Forest - Nkandla Municipality has a wonderful natural and cultural sites that can be used for cultural and ecotourism projects. These include Nkandla and Qhudeni Forests, which are ecotourism destinations. Qhudeni forest is situated at Qhudeni in the western section of Nkandla. It is one of the most attractive tourism sites in Nkandla and is the B-Class forest in the world which generates income. When you visit the sites it is advisable that you provide your own transport (4 * 4 Bakki). The Nature Reserve is 2 300ha in size. There are no tourist’s facilities in. The Reserve is located off the Nkandla road about 40kms from Eshowe. The reserve forms part of the highest mountains range in Zululand and is occasionally snow-clad.

Nkonisa Forest - Nkonisa, one of the 3 forests found in Nkandla. Nkonisa is also classified as one of the B-Class Forests in the whole world.