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Ntingwe Tea Estate

– (Sales of world class tea)- Ntingwe Tea (Zulu Tea produced in Nkandla)

Ntingwane Tea Estate

Nkandla Forest Tel: 035: 473 0700

Contact Person: Nqgulunga @ 082 843 2978 The Ntingwe Tea was initiated in 1990 by Ithala Bank. One of the most exclusive teas in the World is produced in Kwa-Zulu Natal in the place called Ntingwe when you take Qhudeni road. The project is bringing employment to underdeveloped areas around Nkandla and also encouraging lacal out growers to grow tea in their own land. An area of 280ha had been planted; of which 180ha were mature enough to be harvested. The estate has the capacity to employ 1 200 full time workers and many more seasonal pickers. The tea is also sold as a specialty tea In the United Kingdom and the United States